Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$)


AL$  is a CSU system wide initiative to help faculty choose and provide free or more-affordable high-quality educational content for the students.

The objective of the program is to give students opportunities to acquire the course material they need to succeed in their classes, either free or at low cost

In doing so, CSU is constantly searching and implementing programs and partnerships that provide quality affordable learning content. 

To improve faculty awareness of the options that are available to them, the quality of these options, and knowledge on how to integrate them into their courses, CSUF Pollak Library has created a series of infovideos that illustrate the need for affordable learning materials, the programs, and the resources available to faculty and students.


The Spiral Cost of Textbooks

Woman in front of University building

This infovideo is an introduction to Affordable Learning Solutions AL$, it was created by Lindsay O'Neill, Instructional Design Librarian for Pollak Library at Cal State University Fullerton. 


Certificate Program

OET badge

OET offers a certificate program in which faculty are introduced to the different types of Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) and how to search and evaluate Open Educational Resources (OER) to replace expensive textbooks with open books or other free sources.  



Polak library south

Pollak Library South PLS-237