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Keep Teaching

In the event of an emergency or campus closure, it is essential that we persist in providing the best possible educational experiences for our students. Below are some steps that instructors can take to ensure the continuity of instruction.


Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy.

- Max Mayfield, Director National Hurricane Center  


Posting your updated syllabus on TITANium

Posting your syllabus iconDecide how you plan to continue to instruct your students. Then, update your syllabus to meet the current conditions and post it on TITANium, so that your students will know which expectations may have changed, such as due dates, how they are going to submit assignments, and whether you will be holding virtual class meetings (via Zoom) or using Discussion forums or other means of maintaining your class community.



Communicating online with your students

Communicating online with your students iconOnce you have revised your syllabus, you should then communicate with your students to let them know what your new instructional plans are, such as whether you will be creating synchronous Zoom sessions (web or video conference), asynchronous online discussion forums or VoiceThread discussions, online quizzes, lecture videos, or other interactions.

The easiest way to communicate with your students is by using the Announcements forum in your course in TITANium. 

One way to stay organized and track student questions is to create an "Ask a Question" forum in your course in TITANium. Students can then post their question rather than emailing you directly. You or other students can then answer the question in the forum, thereby, allowing all students in the course to view the answer.



Putting course materials online

Putting your course materials online iconYou may want to upload PowerPoints, Word, Excel, and PDF documents to your course in TITANium. You may also consider adding voice narration to the PowerPoint, in order to greatly enhance its value to your students. You may want to consider other forms of creating video lectures, such as Camtasia, Zoom or VoiceThread. Other options may include creating forums for group or class discussions, quizzes for formative assessment, or using chat for realtime text group or class discussions.




Setting up online exams/quizzes

Setting up online exams/quizzes iconYou may need to set up and run quizzes or exams in your course in TITANium. Other types of assessments are also available witihin TITANium, such as discussion forums, wikis, lessons, h5p interactions, VoiceThread presentations and discussions, etc.


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Teaching remotely

Teaching remotely iconSeveral good options exist for continuing live instruction with your students, such as Zoom and Chat (within TITANium). Asynchronous interaction is also available via forums, VoiceThread, and other tools.  



Additional Resources

Some additional resources that may be of interest to you to enhance your online teaching are the following:



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