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Online education is becoming the most popular form of distance education. Higher education is using the Internet to reach students anywhere, anytime. Software and hardware have emerged to help teachers design and teach courses available for all students in a ubiquitous manner. 

The student-centered teaching environment of online classes requires an understanding of how to design, implement and assess curriculum content. OET is committed to helping faculty members enhance and strengthen their current skills to become more effective in the principles and practices of online teaching.

Best Practices for Online Teaching

Please visit Best Practices for Online Teaching, a guide-series created by OET to support faculty with all online, hybrid/blended, and technology-enhanced courses practices.

Teaching Tips Articles

TITANium Engagement

TITANium Engagement is an analytical tool that takes data from TITANium weekly student activities and participation and produces a report. Faculty can review weekly engagement scores based on their students’ participation for each of their classes. For Faculty and Advisors, these scores provide early warning data showing a student’s overall engagement in their courses.

Using TITANium Engagement

TITANium Engagement Video Tutorial




Uncovering the Evidence is an infographic that illustrates five 5 myths about online higher education.

infographic Uncovering the Evidence

Uncovering the evidence, courtesy of: The Learning House, Inc. 

Download the full report Online College Students 2018




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