Online education has multiple delivery options. There are strategy and design challenges that need to be addressed for each offering. OET provide consulting, training, and resources for faculty who wants to teach online, teach a hybrid class, or those who desire to enhance their face-to-face class with online elements. OET supports courses and programs that span the online education continuum from technology mediated instruction in face-to-face courses through blended/hybrid offerings to those offered fully online.

Faculty may find that by partnering with OET's professionals, effective teaching techniques can be applied in the classroom and online. Classes can be made more engaging, motivating, interactive, and accessible.

We have all the necessary tools for the production of memorable learning experiences. OET invites faculty to explore the different services we provide, to visit our facilities, and to take advantage of the instructional technology applications available to them.

Instructional Designers and Academic Technology Consultants are ready to assist faculty at any stage in course development.




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