Learning Glass

teacher behind the learning glassThe Learning Glass is new technology for recording lectures that allows instructors to write lecture notes while maintaining face-to-face contact with students, thus enhancing the non-verbal communication and personal connection with their students. It’s a transparent whiteboard paired with a capture system. The instructor writes normally, left to right, then the recorded image is flipped so students can view the notes correctly through a monitor.  Paired with optimized markers, the writing is vibrant and crisp.


Learning Glass Demonstration

In this video for SOCI 303 Statistics for the Social Sciences, Dr. Brooke Tolmasov uses the learning glass to illustrate data set properties.


To reserve the Learning Glass, please email oet@fullerton.edu

Available times are Monday – Friday, between 8am and 5pm

The Learning Glass Presentation Guide: Tips for Effective Videos



Polak library south

Located at PLS-237