Quality Assurance

The evolution of the Internet and the broadband access at home and through mobile devices make it certain there will be continued growth in blended and online courses. As CSU campuses offer additional blended and online courses, it is critical to define quality online teaching and learning, as well as to determine how to assess it and make desired improvements.

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OET provides consulting, training and specific resources that are dedicated to helping teachers to create and redesign hybrids, blended and online courses in a more effective way. 


QA Training, 2016-2017

CSU Quality Assurance

Register for the 2016-2017 Quality Assurance QA training offered by CSU Academic Technology Services. The courses are available from June 13, 2016 thru March 26, 2017. This Flyer provides additional Information.

Quality Online Learning and Teaching (QOLT) 

2015-2016 Awards and Recognition

CSU Academic Technology Services is sponsoring the 4th year of Quality Online Learning and Teaching (QOLT) Awards and Recognition program to recognize exemplary teaching and learning in blended and online courses. The 2015-2016 QOLT Call for Participation Opens in new window is open Nov 15 - May 15. For detailed information regarding the program view the session recording Opens in new window of a 1 hour informational webinar or contact OET's Director, Dr. Susan Glassett Farrelly.

For more information, Please contact OET 

Pollak Library South 237

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 Training Opportunities

CSU Academic Technology Services is offering QA trainings as a professional development opportunity
for faculty and staff. The courses below range from learning how to teach online effectively to applying
the QOLT Instrument or QM Rubric to gauge course quality and provide effective online course
enhancement feedback. All courses require payment of a $25 registration fee.  This is to pay for
the extensive materials made available, as well as to offset the facilitation costs.

Quality Assurance Session Descriptions

Introduction to Teaching Online Using QOLT: This course is an introduction to teaching online, with the CSU QOLT instrument embedded representing the nine sections of QOLT.

Applying the QOLT Instrument: This course provides an overview of the QOLT objectives and how to use the annotations to support developing or reviewing a course.

Applying the QM Rubric: An overview of Quality Matters rubric and annotations, the research underlying the QM rubric, and the peer-review process for evaluating the quality of online course design.