Teaching Tools

Cal State University Fullerton offers to faculty a variety of teaching tools that can be used alone or integrated into the course.  Video capturing, digital learning creation and learning resources are some of these accessible tools.

In this page we list a number of computer applications that CSUF provides to faculty free of charge as well as instructions of how to obtain and install the program in the specific devices.


Video Capture and video Conferencing

Faculty can use video capturing tools to pre-record lectures, allowing students to be in control of when and where to review the content. 


Camtasia is an screen recording application that helps you create powerful and professional-looking videos without having any prior experience with video editing. You can incorporate the webcam, external audio, cursor movements and real-world footage to create authentic videos that you can save, share or send.

camtasia logo


Snagit is a simple screen capture software that allows you to capture either videos or pictures of your desktop, edit, and share quickly. The power of Snagit is the annotations; they are simple to do. Use Snagit for short disposable videos.

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Hosted online meetings

Is another way faculty may interact with their students beyond the classroom.


Zoom is a web conferencing software service used for online meeting, collaboration, virtual classrooms, seminars and webinars.  Faculty members can accessed Zoom through the portal.

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Digital Lesson Creation

Applications that allow you to create digital lessons by combining your own materials with interactive learning content and rich media. The mixture of personalized content, embedded assessment, and interactivity will increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes.


SoftChalk allows you to easily create engaging web lessons or electronic texts . It allows you to add interactive games, quiz questions and pop-up text annotations. If you are interested in SoftChalk please contact OET.


 softchalk logo

Learning Resources

CSUF contracts with different organizations to provide resources to our learning community.

NBC Learn

NBC Learn Higher Ed is a repository of news stories and documentaries that cover more than 80 years of history.  

Find out more about  CSUF's NBC Learn Higher Ed.


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Lynda.com is a leading online learning company that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals.

Faculty, staff and students have access to Lynda.com through the portal


Lynda.com icon

CSUF Faculty and staff have access to software for different devices. Unless otherwise noted, the following steps should be followed to get software installed.

  • For office computers please call extension 7777
  • For portable devices, take the device to the ATC in PLS-237 Monday thru Friday, from 8am to 5pm
  • For home computers email your request to softwarerequest@fullerton.edu