Personal interaction with your class should start from the first time that students access your TITANium course. It is essential to welcome your students, introduce yourself, and share some personal experiences to establish good rapport. It is also beneficial to present key information about your class, your expectations, your teaching style, the learning objectives of the course, and how you plan to have students achieve them. A video is a good way to communicate with students because it engages two of our five senses (hearing and sight). Pedagogically, videos can inspire and engage, facilitate thinking and problem solving, assist with mastery learning, and provide authentic learning opportunities (University of Queensland, 2019).

The Department of Online Education and Training (OET) at Cal State Fullerton can help you create professionally looking videos to introduce yourself to your students and to attract attention to your class. Contact us at

The following are different resources and applications that you can use to create a video presentation.

stick figures behind a camera and stick figure in front of the camera

At the OET studio, we have professional video equipment for the creation of high-quality videos. You are welcome to bring any media to edit into your final project. The studio has a relaxed atmosphere to put you at ease in front of the camera; using the teleprompter helps to loosen up too.
The use of the studio is free to all faculty members.

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Camtasia is a screen-recording program available to all faculty members for free. With Camtasia you can create introduction videos by recording your screen and yourself and mix in slides, video, pictures, graphics, and audio.
OET can provide initial training on how to use the program, and you can partner with one of the instructional designers to work on your project.

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Zoom is a video conferencing application that connects multiple people synchronously in an interactive presentation that you can record and store for future viewing. With Zoom, you can create intro videos, share your desktop, open your slide presentation, and access the internet. During meetings with your students, you can enable participation and interaction.
We encourage you to test Zoom. If you have any questions or need help, please contact OET.

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Spark Video* is a web-based application so you don’t need to download it to your computer. You can also use Spark on your iPhone or iPad; just download the free app.

The instructional designers at OET will be happy to assist you in getting started with Spark Video.

* Adobe is still working on making Spark accessible for people with disabilities.

Contact to set up an appointment with an instructional designer

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