Visual Samples to Impress the Audience


h5p memory game

A game is a fun way to present information and help students learn new concepts. In the memory game, it is possible to match image to image or image to text. There is an opportunity to add a message after users find a matching pair.


intro to film ctva300

Animated GIf

An Animated GIF is a series of graphics saved as a single photo file that loops frames showing the visual impression of movement.

You can use Photoshop to create an animated GIF.


H5P Flahscard

Impress your students with a game enhanced with pictures and interactions that will keep them engaged.


welcome inside an explosion of colors from Pixabay


KNES 361 lab

rabbit running by Tan Cundrawa from Pixabay Principles of Human Movement

Mixing Resources

When you create and combine graphics, you can have a powerful, eye-catching component in your course class shell.


In this example, the "Welcome" graphic was recreated using an image from the internet. The Rabit is a Photoshop .gif file done by manipulating eight different static rabbit figures found at, and the bottom text was typed in Photoshop and saved as a .png file. All these elements were integrated into the course page, creating this fun welcome page.

If you have questions or would like help creating a welcome visual for your course page, please consult with one of the Instructional Designers.


H5P Presentation

This tool is integrated in the course pages. With H5P you can incorporate graphics, videos, and interactions into a slide presentation, keeping students engaged.


Contact to set up an appointment with an instructional designer

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