Engage your students and make them active participants of the learning experience by capturing their attention, stimulating their analytical thinking, and incentivizing their discovery.


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H5P is open-source software for the creation of multimedia learning elements such as interactive presentations, videos with embedded quizzes, games, puzzles, branching scenarios with assessment, etc.

H5P is integrated into TITANium.

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Camtasia is an application software for both Macs and PCs that allows users to create interactive video tutorials, demonstrations, and presentations. You can add SCORM packages of responsive learning objects into TITANium without difficulty.

CSUF provides Camtasia for free to all faculty members.

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VoiceThread (Vt) is an online discussion ennabler centered around slide show presentations. Vt participants can create, share, leave comment, and capture their presence using video or audio.

Vt is integraded into TITANium and will help you enhance student engagement.

Titanium Activities

The activities in TITANium promote interaction between students and teacher and among students. There are eighteen customizable activities in TITANium that you can combine and integrate to create amazing learning experiences.

Discover new opportunities to engage your students using TITAium activities.

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