Accessibility Guides

We have built some guides and provided links to others which illustrate some best practices for various types of instructional materials, like Word documents, PowerPoints, PDFs, and videos. These guide will also provide links to some text-based and video tutorials.

In making acessible documents, start with your syllabus by using the template provided by the Faculty Development Center. 



Visit the Faculty Development Center Teaching Basics page to access the syllabus template. Feel free to download the template and populate it with your class content. It can be modified to reflect your expectations, as well as those of your department. Then, use the Word accessibility guide to verify that you are keeping your syllabus accessible. If you get stuck, contact OET for additional guidance.


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Other Resources

  • The National Center on Disability and Access to Education (NCDAE) "cheatsheets"Opens in new window for accessibility.
  • The ADOD ProjectOpens in new window (Accessibility of Office Documents and Office Applications).
  • Learn about creating accessible office documents and choose accessible office applications.
  • Guide for Creating Accessible Digital ContentPDF File Opens in new window by University of Alcalá
    This PDF based guide written in 2015 still has many useful best practices for creating accessible digital materals.