Course Redesign with Technology (CRT)

Marty Bonsangue

Bottleneck Couse Solutions - CSU Faculty Voices by Lou Zweier


The CSU Office of the Chancellor is deeply committed to maximizing access, reducing time to degree, improving graduation rates, and, most importantly, shrinking the achievement gap.

In order to improve student success, CRT provides faculty with resources and support to plan and implement course redesign models that 1) adopt and adapt effective practices that integrate inclusive pedagogy and technology and 2) evaluate student success using methodology that documents performance while maintaining high academic standards.  

For more information please visit the CSU Course Redesign with Technology website, review the  CSU CRT BrochurePDF File Opens in new window , or contact our campus CRT coordinator Brent Foster.


Our outstanding Online Education and Training team is expert in the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of whole courses and their components. 

csu faculty e-portfolio showcase


Faculty created ePortfolios documenting their course redesign experiences and accomplishments. 



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