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Online Education and Training brings you enrichment tools for teaching. Integrating technology into your curriculum is a highly effective way to improve the learning experience of your students. Explore the different applications and resources available to all CSUF faculty members to add new elements to your class and wow your students during the learning process.
Whether you want to introduce yourself to your students, dynamically engage with them, or add sparkle to your class, we have the tool for you. Please select what you want to do; together, we will explore the resources and view specific samples.

create introductions

hand shake

Select INTRODUCE to initiate communication with your students; introduce yourself to your online students; tell a story or relate a personal experience; create a multimedia video lecture or present a guest speaker.

promote Interaction

circle of people around dialogue bubbleUse INTERACT to boost engagement among students; foster support between peers; stimulate student-content interaction; encourage collaboration, or empower students to be active producers.

Impress your audience

Explossion on top of bubblesOpt for IMPRESS if you want to add pizzazz to your course, use interactive learning videos or digital resources to promote exploration or create an impressive visual experience.


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