Introduce Video Samples

Intro video recorded at the OET Studio

For this video, the professor brought his slides, and provided the background pictures; he did not have a script. We did a few takes during recording and chose the best one for the final project. The editor superimposed the logos and pictures during post-production.


How-to guide using Adobe Spark

This guide was created using Spark on a desktop computer. Spark is a web-based application that you do not need to download into your computer. You also can use Spark in your iPhone or iPad; when using the app on your mobile devices, you have to download the program from the app store.


demonstration Recorded at the OET Studio

In this video, Dr. Kim is in front of the green screen demonstrating how to do an oral presentation.

The OET editor added the white background, text, graphics, and special effects.



Intro Video using Camtasia

Camtasia is available to all faculty members at no cost. For this video, Dr. Burlingham requested the use of a "media room" to create her class introduction.
Even though you can use Camtasia at home, we recommend the use of our professionally equipped media rooms. Contact OET to make a reservation.



A simple way to use Camtasia is to record your voice over your PowerPoint. In this video, professor Brody did just that. He came to the OET, and the instructional designer gave him basic instructions on how to use the program; then, professor Brody created this video at home.



Course Overview using Camtasia

In this video, the teacher used Camtasia to capture the desktop screen and bring attention to specific parts of the course web pages. This video was edited to take out long pauses and other audio errors.

If you start a video at home and encounter problems, the instructional designers at OET can help you troubleshoot your project.


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